Prevost Specialists

About us

We have created a full-service Sales, Service, Remodeling, and Upgrade Center for high-line RV and Prevost owners who lack quality options to take care of their existing coaches.  We do not change parts, we correctly diagnose your problem and, if necessary, reengineer a solution to your situation.  

With new bus-conversion coaches priced at $2Million dollars PLUS, why not let us make your current coach look, operate, and feel new again?  

We offer Audio/Video updates, Lithium Ion battery upgrades, extensive Remodeling including flooring, cabinetry, countertops, upholstery, 360-degree cameras, collision-avoidance systems, Fire Suppression, etc.  We have built some of the best Prevost Conversion coaches in the world.  Let us share our expertise with you in helping you create the coach you want out of your existing one.  

We also offer full Paint and Body work, from simple repairs to fully designed  Repaint work.

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